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IT Rentals


Man Using Computer Printer

While the general perception leans towards purchasing a printer, renting or leasing can prove highly advantageous for savvy consumers. Leasing offers a way to conserve valuable capital by saving resources for other requirements, especially when they are needed the most. Our printer lease agreements typically involve a monthly fee that covers all your needs, including parts, consumables, labor, and service.

Advantages Of Printer Rental

There are numerous advantages to choosing reputed printer rental services from Sanctum Technologies:


  • Frees Up Working Capital: Renting a printer frees up valuable working capital that can be utilized for other essential aspects of your business. Instead of making a significant upfront investment, you can allocate your financial resources more efficiently.

  • Access to Additional Features: When you lease a printer from us, you can also enjoy the benefits of additional features such as copier, scanner, and fax functionalities. This comprehensive solution ensures that you have all the necessary tools for your document management needs.

  • Availability of the Latest Technology: Printer rental allows you to access the latest technology without the burden of ownership. You can benefit from cutting-edge features, improved efficiency, and enhanced productivity, as we consistently update our rental inventory with the latest printer models.

  • Disposal of Old/Non-working Printers: Renting or leasing printers from us takes care of the hassle of disposing of old or non-working printers. We handle the proper disposal process, saving you time and effort.

  • Coverage of Repair Costs: With printer rental, you are relieved from the burden of repair costs. Our rental service includes maintenance and repair services, ensuring that your printer is functioning optimally without any additional expenses.

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