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Managed Print Services (MPS)

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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Service (MPS) is a solution offered to individuals and companies without any obligation from the clients’ infrastructure. The MPS solution provider takes the complete ownership of the printing infrastructure allowing the users to get their desired solutions without worrying about maintenance, running costs and technical breakdown. MPS solution providers install printers, provision for preventive maintenance, take care of the consumables and provide breakdown maintenance for your printing infrastructure. MPS offers you a freedom from a lot of worries, while the entire responsibility is taken care by the MPS solution provider. As your Managed Print Service partner, Sanctum Technologies renders amicable solutions for fine printing at any size and any volume. With our expertise and experience, you not only save significant costs, but also enjoy high-tech printing with refined operational convenience. These services are highly customizable as per specific printing tasks and volumes! Ask us for your desired solutions and we will feel glad to share our options for you.​

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Reduction with Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Solution is about provisioning complete print set-up for the clients from the very first point of installation and commissioning to the last step of maintenance and re-commissioning along with the preventive maintenance and provisioning of consumables. As a MPS solution provider, Sanctum Technologies has been servicing its clients since last two decades with precision and quality service. As a MPS solution provider, our main objective is to bring down the TCO for our clients as far as their document production system is concerned. For bringing down the TCO it is very much essential to measure the TCO from a company perspective and we as a MPS solution provider offer the detailed break-up of components in order to bring down your TCO.

Total Cost of Ownership is calculated taking into account the costs incurred in purchase, usage, maintenance and running costs. This also includes the idle man-hour for breakdown and the costs for management of printing and other relevant divisions.

How Sanctum Technologies help in bringing down TCO:

  • We render the best printer infrastructure for specific applications as per the requirement of our clients. Our target is not just to provision the right equipment, but also to optimize the workflow for maximum utilization at minimal costs. We plan and implement print fleet optimization with the latest equipments that is aimed at optimizing workflow and increase productivity. We can set individual quota and validation that can save time as well as energy and consumables for optimizing efficiency.

  • Sanctum Technology offers 100% genuine parts and consumables in collaboration with the printer manufactures like Samsung, HP, Brother and Xerox. With our deployment of dedicated engineers with adequate experience and skill sets, we ensure that Preventive maintenance (PM) is carried out in a smarter proactive manner so as to reduce the cost of service/ maintenance and thereby increase the efficiency/ productivity.

  • With optimization of print service setup, we ensure that you save office space with optimized number of printers. This also helps to maintain a clutter-free environment and save energy with less number of managed printers with fewer incidents of breakdown. Sanctum Technology helps you to maintain Go Green environment with less power utilization, smarter operational time management and time saving mode.

With a planned and professional approach the Managed Print Services solution from Sanctum Technologies helps your organization to reduce the total cost of ownership and operate in a smarter manner for all your printing requirements.

Cost Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)

With the advancement of technology, the cost of printing is being optimized toward offering reasonable solutions for printer owners. But, bad maintenance, smudgy printing, unauthorized printing, slow printing, and paper jams-like problems increase the cost of printing and thereby making it expensive for organizations. If you have a larger infrastructure, the cost of printing can incur substantial expenses for consumables and maintenance. We at Sanctum Technologies offer you smarter Managed Print Services (MPS) that can save a lot of irrational costs and optimize your printing infrastructure.

Studies and Researches specify that most companies spend 5-15% of their revenue on expenses related to printing. As per the research of International Data Corporation (IDC) and subsequent suggestions, it is evident that with Managed Print Services an organization could save 20% - 30% of its printing-related costs. This can only happen if you are hiring some professional MPS solutions provider like us.

Sanctum Technologies offer you cost benefits with its MPS solutions in two broader spectrums:

Cost Reduction:
Sanctum Technologies make printer fleet rationalization by using the right powered printers at the right nodes in your office infrastructure. With this, you can not only save significantly on the cost of consumables, clutter-free floors, electricity, and professional manpower but also reduce the TCO for your printer network. With smart and efficient features like pool printing, duplex printing, and print quota allocation and authorization you can save a lot on consumables and operational costs. We also support you with our experience in the purchase of equipment and stationery reducing significantly costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Capital Expenses to Operational Expenses:
Sanctum Technologies help you to convert your capital expenses to operational expenses through its Print Fleet Management solution. While we take the complete cost of ownership with spares, repairs, upgrades, and consumables, you just engage us for operational expenses on a cost-per-print model. You just spend when you print!

With MPS from Sanctum Technologies, we can help you to receive the best cost benefits with smart printing infrastructure and updated technology.

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Convenience Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)

As per the study by International Data Corporation (IDC), a company's IT support team spends around 15% of its productivity and time on printer-related issues. And almost 23%-25% of all calls to the IT helpdesk are about printer-related issues. This is a global scenario. Think about the scenario in India, where IT optimization is a farfetched reality.

Have you ever calculated the time spent in the procurement process of printers for your office infrastructure? What about the time for installation and maintenance? Procurement of consumables at competitive pricing is not an easy task either. You spend a lot of time and resources in all these activities while maintaining a smart printing infrastructure, which is vital and can’t be overlooked, isn’t it?

With MPS from Sanctum Technologies, you can now enjoy the convenience benefits in two broader spectrums:

1) Risk Reduction:
When you partner with Sanctum Technology for our premium print management software, you can have a customized MIS for all users. Advanced features like pool printing, and access control enhance security measures and offer you a controlled environment while reducing the risks. With our SLA you can receive convenience benefits in the shape of controlled operations with minimal downtime guarantee.

2) Convenience in Operation
By partnering with an MPS solution provider like Sanctum Technologies, you not only enjoy a ‘Green Operation’, but also save a lot in terms of power usage, reduce the use of consumables, obsolete device recycling, and enhance centralized efficiency. Every printer in your setup becomes an eco-friendly printer. While MPS takes care of everything from purchase to operation, to maintenance, to recycling, you enjoy the convenience of operation by paying only on a pay-per-print model. No more botherations on operation and maintenance as we as your MPS partner take care of that!

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